About Our Clinic

Our Providers


Shauna McCosh is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She has been a licensed midwife in New Mexico since 2003 and has been a nurse practitioner since 2008. Shauna opened La Clinica in August of 2013, where she is the primary care provider. Shauna also works as a Hospice nurse practitioner at Amber Care. In addition, Shauna practices at Gila Regional Medical Center as an Emergency Room nurse practitioner. In 2015, Shauna restored SANE services in Grant County.  As a FNP, Shauna is qualified to provide primary care. As a CNM, Shauna must follow the guidelines set forth by the:

American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM www.midwife.org) and the 

New Mexico Department of Health (http://www.health.state.nm.us/PHD/midwife/NMMA)

Erin Joslin-Gay is a Certified Nurse Midwife. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Western New Mexico University and graduated from the University of New Mexico as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in May of 2018. Erin has experience with caring for women of many different backgrounds. She worked at Gila Regional Medical Center and in UNM'S Mother-Baby Unit. In addition to prenatal care, Erin is certified to provide primary care for all women and newborns. As a CNM, Erin must follow the guidelines set forth by the:

American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM www.midwife.org) and the 

New Mexico Department of Health (http://www.health.state.nm.us/PHD/midwife/NMMA)

Our Services


La Clinica offers pediatric, gynecologic, and reproductive health services, as well as primary care. La Clinica is also a training hub for future medical providers and serves as a remarkable (and rigorous) internship for nursing students and high school students seriously striving for a career in medicine. Some of our services include:

  • Natural Childbirth, including Waterbirth
  • Full Prenatal Postpartum, and Newborn Care
  • Prenatal Ultrasounds 
  • Well Woman Exams
  • Well Child Checks/ Sports Physicals
  • Pediatric Care
  • Primary Care
  • Family Planning/ Birth Control
  • Special Focus on Teen Health
  • Confidential STD Testing
  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • S.A.N.E Exams

 La Clinica also provides sexual assault services for Grant county. For more information about our sexual assault services, or S.A.N.E, please visit: http://www.silverregionalsass.org/



In addition to our providers, La Clinica typically has 5 other staff members on hand: four medical assistants and one intern.

Our Staff


Tierra Kiely, RN

Tierra Kiely earned her Associate's degree in Nursing from Western New Mexico University in 2011. She is a Silver City native and has three children, one of which was born at La Clínica. Tierra previously worked at Gila Regional Medical Center's Emergency room as an RN and then as a flight nurse for Air Methods. Tierra says she's always wanted to be a nurse and feels especially called towards the care of women and children. She started working at La Clínica as a birthing assistant, office manager, and nurse in April of 2016. In her free time Tierra enjoys cooking and travelling.


Laura Salvatore, CMAA

Laura earned her certificate to be a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant at Everest in Marietta, GA. Once she earned her certification she began working at an OBGYN practice in Lawrenceville, GA. Laura says she has always had an interest in women's health. She moved to Silver City in 2011 and began working as a CMAA at Cassie Health Center until December of 2012 when she gave birth to her first daughter. Laura had her second daughter at La Clinica in 2016  and started working at La Clinica as a CMAA in June of 2018. Laura is a breastfeeding advocate and has always had a love for natural birth. In her free time, she likes to crochet, read, and spend time with her family. 


Rebecca Hazen, EMT

Rebecca Hazen received her certification as an Emergency Medical Technician in 2012. Soon after, she began working at Gila Regional Medical Center on the ambulance. Rebecca has been interested in midwifery since she was a teenager. She had her first child at a birth center in Fairbanks, AK. She gave birth to her second child with, Shauna as her midwife, in 2013, and began volunteering at La Clinica in 2014. When she is not working, Rebecca is a homeschooling mother who likes to knit, farm, garden and occasionally play video games.


Alegra Link, EMT

Alegra received her training as an Emergency Medical Technician through Doña Ana Community College at Gila Regional Medical Center. She is a Silver City native and was an intern during La Clinica's first year. She has been working at Bear Creek Herbs for the past 4 years and she started at La Clinica as a medical assistant, receptionist, and birth assistant in May of 2018. Alegra was one of Shauna's babies in her early days of midwifery. Alegra is a breastfeeding advocate and has had an interest in health care since she was a child. In her free time, Alegra enjoys dance, yoga, and swimming.


Cassandra Ogas, CNA

Cassie Ogas earned her training as a Certified Nursing Assistant from Western New Mexico University. Her interest in natural childbirth started after the birth of her first daughter. Cassie gave birth to her second daughter at La Clínica in January of 2015 and she started working in the clinic soon after in the hopes of empowering and supporting other women in their birth experiences. Cassie works at La Clínica as a birthing assistant and nursing assistant. In July of 2018, Cassie and her family moved to Las Cruces, NM, where she worked for a large OBGYN practice. Cassie says that as a result of this experience, she realized that her biggest goal is to become a midwife because "the world needs more midwives." Cassie returned to her home in Silver City in February of 2019 and is overjoyed to be back working at La Clínica. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors, making jewelry, painting, dancing, and spending time with her family. 

What Our Patients Are Saying



In Shauna's hands, under the care of the staff at La Clinica, I can be me and ask anything without judgement. My children who are now a teen and a young adult have received the same honest, open, care. Going through those tough teenage years they have had the freedom and support to ask the tough questions from a knowledgeable, caring adult. Shauna champions the needs of women, children, and families overall. She is a model for how medical care should be delivered in the community. We love you Shauna!


"Shauna & her staff are ALWAYS extremely professional & clinical. Treating their patients with the utmost respect and care. I've always felt entirely at home and safe at LaClinica. I highly recommend La Clinica to all my family & friends!"


"Amazing. Shauna and all the ladies there make you feel so comfortable and at home. "


"Being female, it's wonderful coming to a clinic where the needs of women are given highest priority, where real listening and compassion are always present and the entire staff is courteous, prompt, pleasant, helpful- I'm comfortable here knowing my whole self is being well cared for. Immense Thanks!"


 "Recently I called La Clinica hoping for an appointment that day for an issue that would require a little test. Olivia told me they had nothing available but to come in at lunch time when it wouldn't be busy and they would help me out.  Did they ever?! My issue was treated with care, humor, and sensitivity. My daughters and I have each benefited from the confidence and warmth of Shauna and all of her staff. We feel like we are going to visit our girlfriends when we go to La Clinica because there is an openness and respect that reminds us we all have bodies and sometimes they do funny things."  


"La Clínica cared for me like I was family. Everyone made me feel comfortable and special. I received excellent, professional services with love and patience. I appreciate these fine women!"