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  Pregnancy and childbirth are a natural physiological process during a woman’s reproductive life. This process is rarely in need of medical intervention. A midwife’s responsibility is to assist women through this transition into motherhood and be alert for signs of concern. While childbirth for healthy women is usually low-risk, birth in any setting is not risk-free. Current research addressing the safety of birth center deliveries has consistently concluded that those attended by qualified caregivers is a safe option for low-risk pregnancies. Out of hospital births are an option for healthy women who have essentially normal pregnancies and labor. Our midwives provide childbirth classes and prenatal yoga classes throughout pregnancy and foster close relationships with their prenatal patients in order to best prepare for  the birth. La Clinica provides a comfortable, peaceful, home-like environment for mothers interested in un-medicated labor and delivery. Our birth center consists of two birth rooms, a full kitchen, outdoor space, and a waiting area for family and friends. During labor at La Clinica, moms are encouraged to eat, drink, and walk. Moms may move freely in and outside of the birth center. Birthing tubs are available in all birthing rooms for moms who are interested. Moms are invited to bring whatever they need to feel comfortable to their births (candles, music, pictures, etc.)  Moms may choose the members and the size of their birthing team, which typically consists of family and friends. In attendance of every La Clinica birth is one midwife and at least one birthing assistant/midwife's apprentice. Our midwives provide prenatal care leading up to labor and delivery, as well as continual care for mom and baby postpartum. 

Our Midwives

Shauna McCosh: CNM, FNP



Shauna McCosh is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). After completing a BA at New York University, she started her midwifery career as a doula and childbirth educator in Santa Cruz, CA in 1989. She continued in this field at UNM in Albuquerque where she "accidentally" caught the baby of a friend while providing hospital labor support. She then decided to study midwifery in El Paso TX at Maternidad la Luz (MLL) and became a Licensed Midwife in New Mexico in 1996. She continued to work at MLL as a Staff Midwife while attending home births in Silver City, New Mexico. In 2003 Shauna attended nursing school in Oakland CA at Samuel Merritt College. She worked as an Emergency Room and Hospice RN while pursuing a Masters in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife at Frontier Nursing University. In 2008 she began working at Hidalgo Medical Services and attending hospital births for 5 years. Over the years she has volunteered in Maternal-Child health in Mexico and Haiti. Shauna returned to her passion of providing out-of-hospital birth services by opening La Clinica in August of 2013. In her free time, Shauna enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and traveling.

Erin Joslin-Gay: CNM


Erin Joslin-Gay is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM.)  Erin is a Silver City native and she  earned her BSN at Western New Mexico University where she graduated in 2013. When Erin was pregnant with her first son she realized she wanted to be a midwife. In 2016, Erin pursued her dreams and entered the CNM program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where she graduated in May of 2018.  Erin is a strong supporter of out-of-hospital birth and strives to serve her community. She has experience with caring for women of many different backgrounds, as she worked in both large city hospitals and on rural reservations. Erin worked as an RN at Gila Regional Medical Center and in UNM's Mother-Baby unit. She has 4 children and lives in Mimbres, New Mexico. In her free time, Erin enjoys knitting, playing video games, and gardening. 


Will my birth be covered by my insurance?


La Clinica births are covered by most forms of insurance, including Medicaid.

Is pain medication available during labor?


Pain medication (including epidurals) is not available during any La Clinica birth. At La Clinica, labor pain is typically managed by walking, position changes, and the use of birthing tubs. 

What if something goes wrong?


Emergency Medical Events that our providers are trained to resolve include:

- Hemorrhage

- Maternal Exhaustion

- Fetal Distress

Emergency Medical Events that require transport to Gila Regional Medical Center:

-Any of the above issues that do not resolve after routine treatment


-Failure to Progress 

-Prolonged Ruptured Membranes

How is the baby monitored during labor?


In contrast with hospital births, during labor at La Clinica, the baby is monitored periodically, versus constantly. The baby is monitored in such a way that will not interfere with your mobility. We use a fetal doppler to monitor fetal heart tones periodically up until the last few moments of delivery.

Will a La Clinica provider attend my birth if I choose to birth at the hospital?


La Clinica providers may only deliver babies at La Clinica's birth center. If a patient chooses to birth at the hospital, the baby will be delivered by the on-call provider at Gila Regional Medical Center. If there is a medical need for transport during a La Clinica birth, a La Clinica provider will accompany the patient and attend delivery at the hospital in a support role.

Are Ultrasounds offered at La Clinica?


New Mexico Sonographics now provides Ultrasounds at La Clinica for our prenatal patients! 

What Our Mamas Are Saying




 "It has been such a privilege and a blessing to have had 2 absolutely beautiful births at La Clinica! I never would have imagined myself as someone who would give birth at a birth center, and definitely NOT a water birth. Breast feeding, that was just strange to me and none of it was within my level of comfort. After giving birth to my first at the hospital and having somewhat of a negative experience I started to seek out alternatives. From the moment I walked into La Clinica and met Shauna, the fear and hesitation about waterbirth and breastfeeding and natural labor and delivery all started to fade away. It began to feel so right and so perfect for me and my baby! Even then I could have never imagined how absolutely beautiful and wonderful and amazing my two birth experiences would be! Shauna and her team of birth assistants have been nothing short of incredible and I love and appreciate each of them deeply! Shauna has helped me deliver 2 of my 3 children and how blessed are we that she is also their pediatrician! I could not ask, wish, or hope for someone better to take care of my family! Giving birth at La Clinica has changed my life and is a priceless treasure I will hold in my heart forever!"


 "Late in my pregnancy, we found La Clinica and preferred it much more than the thought of a hospital birth. Shauna and the girls were very welcoming. The day after we met, I went into labor and Shauna and Tierra were ready to go. My water broke at 3pm and baby was born at 5:05pm. We wanted to be more independent during the labor and they were wonderful with granting us that. My fiance, Mark, was by my side, coaching me and baby. And Shauna was there for us whenever we felt like we needed reassurance. When it was time, Mark delivered our beautiful 7 lb. 12 oz. baby girl in the tub. We delayed cord clamping while Mark, baby and I had some skin to skin time. When I had the energy, we got out of the tub and moved to the bed. Baby and I rested for six hours while Mark and Shauna catered to us and family visited. After it was determined that I was healthy enough, we got to go home the same day. The whole experience was so perfect and complete. Something I thought could only be a dream became our reality thanks to Shauna and Tierra. We have nothing but great things to say about La Clinica and definitely recommend it to everyone."


" My birth was difficult and Shauna's support was incredibly calm and compassionate. She was immediately ready when intervention was needed. After my baby's birth, she was present with nurturing care both physically and emotionally. Without this above-and-beyond level of support, our outcome would not have been the positive and life-changing experience it was."




"La Clinica is such a blessing to have here in Silver City. I had a natural birth with my first child nine years ago in a hospital in Ruidoso, NM and would of loved to have had the opportunity of working with a Certified Nurse Midwife at a Birthing Center at that time. However, that was not an option. When we planned to get pregnant nine years later we knew we had to seek alternatives to a regular hospital birth. When a friend told us about her wonderful experience with a natural birth with Shauna at La Clinica we knew we had found a dream come true. My experience with Shauna, Erin, and all of Shauna’s team of birth assistants has been such a blessing and I appreciate each and every one of them tremendously. From each prenatal appointment to my actual labor, the love and support I have received has been amazing. After, hours of laboring at La Clinica and Shauna doing everything possible to help my labor progress smoothly, I had complications and had to ultimately go to the hospital for delivery. However, Shauna was right there beside me and both Shauna and Erin made sure I had everything I needed while I was at the hospital. I am also blessed that Shauna is our Family Practitioner. I could not have wished for someone better to take care of both my children. La Clinica offers a cozy home-like environment and the water birth option is wonderful option. Even though I ended up delivering our healthy baby girl at the hospital due to complications, I will always remember my prenatal and labor experience at La Clinica as a positive experience and I recommend La Clinica to all the pregnant mamas here is Silver City and beyond. "


"Nothing I can say would capture the perfection of my birthing experience at La Clinica with the most awesome midwife around—Shauna. While reminiscing on Ezra’s birth, it was definitely another one of those experiences. Ezra sure came fast and furiously! So thankful that Shauna was in tune with everything happening at each moment. Ezra didn’t give us much warning time for when he was ready to make his entry but regardless of that, Shauna was quick to take action!"


"She is perfect in every way imaginable and what a great delivery at La Clinica Health and Birth Center. Midwives are a serious threat to American Births as we know it! If you are pregnant and want a low key, natural birth FIND THE NEAREST MIDWIFE!"   


 "Today at 4:00 pm our baby girl Serenity Joy turns 2. Her birthday always makes me think back to the day she came into the world. My two girls have birth stories that are very different. At the young age of 18, I became pregnant with my daughter. I saw an OB that was recommended to me by a first born program. My visits were rushed and impersonal. On my due date, the physician roughly checked my cervix for dilatation and told me that I was maybe dilated to 1 cm and I needed to be induced. This induction had to occur on a Thursday night because the physician only delivered inductions on Fridays.  I went to the hospital at midnight a few days later to begin my induction. From the beginning, I felt the nurses dismiss my choices. When I told them I did not want an epidural they laughed and said: “we’ll ask you in a few hours.” They very roughly checked my cervix and were upset with me that they couldn’t continuously monitor my babies heart beat; they asked me not to move around so much.  The staff was rough and rude, my physician induced me out of convenience, and at no point was I comfortable.  The overall experience of my birth was unpleasant and left me afraid to give birth again.  Nine years later I was pregnant again and I considered not seeking prenatal care and having a home delivery.  I spoke with a friend who recommended Shauna and told me about her new birthing center.  Before I made an appointment I did a lot of research on midwifery and natural births. I knew the things I wanted and the things I didn’t. I made my first appointment and hoped for the best. When I met Shauna she set me at ease; she talked to me about myself and the things I wanted. She took time and never once acted as though my appointment needed to hurry so the next could begin. I knew from my first appointment that this was the right choice for me. Throughout my care my wishes were honored, my concerns were addressed, and I was comfortable at all times. I felt like I was being treated by a friend. When my due date came there was no rush to schedule inductions and two days later I began to labor, naturally.  I labored comfortably at home for several hours and then we decided it was time to head to the birthing center. Once there, it was only a matter of minutes before our daughter arrived. Shauna was encouraging, comforting, and put me at ease the whole time I was delivering.  I got my delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, and assistance with breastfeeding just like we had talked about. The next six hours were relaxing and gave my family wonderful time to bond with our new baby. My overall experience was incredible and everything I wanted it to be. It completely changed my views of my body and the process of birth.   Thank you, Shauna, for making my birth such a positive experience, it made me feel empowered as a woman."

Community Partners

Ezmia Bascom Photography

Ezmia Bascom is responsible for the remarkable birth photography on our website. https://www.facebook.com/ezmiabascomphotography/

Bear Creek Herbs

La Clinica is partnered with the local herb store (Bear Creek Herbs) to provide our teas, tinctures, and sitz baths.  

604 N Bullard St, Silver City, NM 88061

(575) 388-5035

New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force

The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force supports families in reaching their breastfeeding goals and works to further the awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding in New Mexico.


Beginning Years

The Beginning Years program provides our community with education and support to encourage growth and development of happy, healthy babies. This program builds family and community relationships by supporting the idea that a healthy pregnancy and childhood are not only critical to the immediate well-being of the child but are also basic to building a resilient family and healthy community.


3202 Ridge Loop, Silver City, NM 88061

 (575) 388-9708

New Mexico Sonographics

Ultrasounds for La Clinica patients are performed by New Mexico Sonographics, a group from Albuquerque who provides services at La Clinica.

Gila Regional Medical Center

Gila Regional Medical Center is the care destination of all of our birth center's patients experiencing a medical emergency that cannot be resolved by a La Clinica provider.


1313 E 32nd St, Silver City, NM 88061

 (575) 538-4000